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Timeline of same-sex marriage laws – Class Resource


Use this timeline of events and accompanying vocab sheet to break down the movement for marriage equality for your classes. A handout version of this…read more

Speakers crack jokes for college grads


Check out some funny moments from graduation ceremonies this year where famous speakers such as Stephen Colbert, Tim Cook and George W. Bush addressed college grads.

What is gender non-conforming fashion? – Discussion Guide


Watch the NewsHour’s report on gender non-conforming fashion and lead a class discussion about the report using the questions below. What is style? How would you…read more

How do you make ice cream? – Class Activity


By Jordan Mambert Indulge students with an incredibly popular summer treat with the video “Ice Cream Chemistry” from the American Chemical Society (above). Show students…read more

What makes the perfect bagel? – Class Activity


Engage students with a delicious chemistry lesson using the video “Why New York Has the Best Bagels” from the American Chemical Society (above). Show students…read more

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