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World News Quiz: A 30 year anniversary and a surprise trip


See how much your students paid attention to world events this week with this fun, 5-minute quiz! Continue reading

Foreign PolicyJoe Bidenworld news quiz

World News Quiz: Lighting the Olympic torch and more


Use this fun, 5-minute quiz to see how much your students paid attention to what’s happened in the world this week. Continue reading

Earth DayEcuadorRio Olympicsworld news quiz

World News Quiz: Phoning Putin and a new friend on Sesame Street


Quiz your students with this fun, 5-minute quiz to see how much they paid attention to world news this week! Continue reading

al-shababinternational newsPutinSesame Streetworld news quiz

World News Quiz: Panama papers and new struggles for migrants


Give students this fun, 5-minute quiz to review major international news events from the past week! Continue reading

Panama Papersquizworld news quiz

World News Quiz: St. Patrick’s Day and a Russian surprise


This week, the Irish prime minister visited the White House, Russia made a surprising move and puppies ruled the Internet (again). Take our 5-minute world quiz on this and more. Continue reading

quizworld news quiz

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