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August 6, 2013

MLB Suspends Players in Largest Single-Day Doping Bust

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New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, better known as A-Rod, was suspended from baseball as punishment for using performance-enhancing drugs. In 2009, Rodriguez admitted to using drugs in the early 2000s, but Major League Baseball says he continued to use after that point and lied about it.

His suspension was just one of many, as Major League Baseball also ejected 12 other players in the biggest single-day doping bust in the league’s history.

However, Rodriguez’s fame and the severity of his punishment make his case stand out. He will be suspended from the league for the rest of this season and all of the next.

Rodriguez has said that he thinks his suspension might be the work of those who would benefit from him “not ever stepping back on the field.” He was alluding to his team, the Yankees, who have reportedly tried to void the $100 million – plus left on his 10 –year $275 million contract.

However, as Rodriguez appeals the suspension, he will still be allowed to play and be paid the $173,000 a game he earns.

Warm up questions

1. When have you heard the phrase “performance enhancing drugs”?

2. Who and what sports do you specifically think about when you hear “performance enhancing drugs”?

3. Why are performance enhancing drugs banned in professional sports?

Discussion questions

1. Do you think that the MLB is trying to make an example out of Rodriguez by giving him such a harsh punishment? Why or why not?

2. Do you think performance enhancing drugs should be banned in sports? Why or why not?

3. Is it immoral to use any kind of performance enhancing drugs to succeed?

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