How does a computer diagnose cancer?


Artificial intelligence could soon become a new weapon in the battle against cancer, although doctors have ethical questions about its use. Continue reading

artificial intelligencecomputersScienceSTEMTechnology

Scientists rethink gender identity with new research


Doctors working with transgender individuals are discovering more about the relationship between biology and gender. Continue reading

LGBTQtransgenderTransgender in America
Afghan translator

Afghan translators struggle to adjust to America


26-year old Aminullah Sayed spent seven years translating for U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan. Now resettled in Virginia after a years-long visa process, he is struggling to find work. Continue reading

AfghanistanrefugeetranslatorsU.S. military

Anti-Radicalization Task Force aims to reengage Danish youth


Denmark is debating how to prevent the radicalization of young people as Islamic extremism gains a greater foothold in Europe. Continue reading


Nepal earthquake destroys ancient temples, historic sites


More than 7,800 people lost their lives when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25. In addition to the destruction of homes and infrastructure, many ancient temples and historic sites were badly damaged or destroyed. Continue reading

cultural sitesearthquakenepalUNESCO

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