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February 1, 2012

Redistricting: Drawing the Lines

In this video, the.News correspondent Antonio Neves reports on how new redistricting issues around the country can affect the outcome of state elections and federal policy. Neves talks to reporters from ProPublica and The Washington Post as the United States Supreme Court rules in a case that may have far-reaching effects on how we get to choose our representatives.

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Use the lesson plans and transcript under “Additional Resources” to accompany this video in the classroom.


“How we elect our representatives is how we run our government. America is a representative democracy, which means how we put those representatives in office is absolutely essential to how our democracy works.” – Keesha Gaskins, Brennan Center for Justice

“Redistricting is pretty complicated and politicians like to take advantage ofthat. They think it’s too complicated for voters to understand so they can sometimes do it in the back rooms to manipulate things so they can win seats without our really knowing that they’re gonna do it” – Lois Beckett, reporter, ProPublica

Warm Up Questions

1. What is Congress? What are the two chambers of Congress?

2. How many senators does your state have? How many representatives?

3. How are senators and representatives chosen?

Discussion Questions

1. Analyze how power can be redistributed and manipulated during redistricting.

2. Describe why voters might get upset when district lines are redrawn.

3. Explain gerrymandering.

Additional Resources

Video Transcript

Redistricting: Language Arts Lesson Plan

Redistricting: Social Studies Lesson Plan

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