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Recent education news from around the country.

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    • Cheating suspicions keep Chinese, South Korean students waiting for SAT scores
      Photo by Mario Tama/Getty ImagesSAT scores for college hopefuls that took the exam in October are out. That is, unless the test taker is a resident of China or South Korea. Concerns over cheating have the College Board and the Educational Testing Service, the nonprofit organizations that design and administer the SAT, withholding scores for students from tho […]
    • For toddlers, it’s the quality of the screen time that matters, study reveals
      A new study gives parents a guide on how to let their children interact with screens like TVs and tablets. One of the keys: when kids are using devices, parents should be active participants. Photo by Flickr user Austin Marshall Parents, you can give up the twinge of guilt you feel when you let your toddler watch television or play with your smartphone or ta […]
    • For-profit colleges face ‘gainful employment’ rule
      The Education Department will announce a “gainful employment” rule, targeting for-profit schools that produce grads who can’t find jobs to pay off loans. Photo by Joshua Lott/Bloomberg WASHINGTON — For-profit colleges that don’t produce graduates capable of paying off their student loans could soon face the wrath of the federal government. Schools with caree […]
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    Why the People’s Climate March might not make a difference

    Even at an event like the People’s Climate March, some people can’t take climate change seriously.

    Emma Passy,

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    Do Now is a monthly collaboration between PBS NewsHour Extra and KQED in San Francisco to help students engage with and respond to current issues using social media tools.

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    • Empowering students with disabilities to find exercise they love
      Watch Video | Listen to the AudioRELATED LINKSHow a student with autism taught me how to kayak What prevents the U.S. from signing the U.N. disabilities treaty? A Call to Focus on Finding Jobs for Those with Disabilities JUDY WOODRUFF: We have known for awhile that childhood obesity is an increasing problem in the United States. A recent study found that fam […]
    • How a student with autism taught me to kayak
      Daniel Hernandez is a 10th grader with striking eyes and a ready smile who is prone to answer questions with a polite “Yes, ma’am.” This young man, who is 16, used to be described as “shy,” but he knows a lot about kayaking: how to set up the seats, put the oars together and how to get in without flipping it over. He knows how to steer the small vessel right […]