Vast inequality in arts education exists across N.C. elementary schools


As the debate over the Common Core State Standards in math and language arts continues to rage in the states, some educators are more worried about the lack of requirement for arts education in schools. Continue reading

Arts & Cultureeducation

Women and children evacuated from war-torn Syrian city


There was some small relief in the Syrian city of Homs over the weekend, when some of the city’s residents were evacuated during a three-day ceasefire brokered by the Russians. Continue reading

Body Miller trains for the Alpine Skiing Men's Downhill ahead of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

American Athletes Go For Olympic Gold in Russia


The Winter Olympics have officially opened in Sochi, Russia and organizers hope to shift the focus away from controversies over human rights and corruption to the celebration of athletic competition. Continue reading


Olympics spur protests against Russia’s anti-gay law


In response to international protests against a controversial Russian gay propaganda law, the head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) rebuked world leaders who have shunned the games for political reasons. Continue reading

LGBTOlympicsSochiSocial IssuesWorld

Despite concussions, football players feel pressure to stay in the game


DOWNLOAD VIDEO According to the National Academy of Sciences, there are 11 recorded concussions for every 10,000 high school games and practices, twice the rate…read more


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