Romare Bearden: Piecing together a viewpoint – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

By Ravonda B. Oden Subject(s) Arts & Culture Estimated Time Four 50-minute sessions Grade Level 9-12 Objective(s) Art: Students will discuss ways artists express points…read more

Arts & Culture

A penny for your thoughts, movies, or music?

Lesson Plan

By Lisa Greeves Subject(s) Arts & Culture, Technology Estimated Time This lesson will take 2-3 class periods, but can easily be divided up into segments.…read more

Arts & CultureEnglish & Language Arts

The Harlem Renaissance – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

By Daniella K. Garran, Marston Mills, Mass. Subject(s) English, Social Studies, Art Estimated Time Two 45 or 60 minute class periods with several nights of…read more

Arts & CultureBlack History MonthHarlem Renissance

A picture is worth a thousand words – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

By Shannon Sullivan, Arlington, Va. Subject(s) Art/Media Estimated Time Two class periods of 45 minutes, including one evening of homework Grade Level Grades 7-12 Objective…read more

Arts & CulturePhotographyPoliticsScience

The federal confirmation process: Choosing the right person for the job – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

By Lisa Prososki Subjects Social Studies, Government, History Estimated Time Approximately three 45-minute class periods Grade Level Grades 9-12 Objective Students will: Use prior knowledge to…read more

Government & Civics

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