Exploring Alternative Energy Sources

Lesson Plan

By Lisa Prososki, a former middle and high school teacher Subjects Secondary science, geography, and current events classes Estimated Time Three to four 50-minute class…read more


Paying for Crime

Lesson Plan

By Amy Lein, a Math and Special Education teacher at Newton North High School in Newton, Massachusetts Grades 9 – 12 Estimated Time Three 50-minute…read more


The United Nations and Reform

Lesson Plan

By Greg Timmons, The Constitution Project, Portland, Ore. Subject(s) History, social studies Estimated Time Two class periods Grade Level 9-12 Objective Students will: Understand the…read more

World & Geography

The Unspoken Words of Media Ethics: Do we know what they are?

Lesson Plan

By Lisa Greeves, English and journalism teacher Subjects Social studies, civics, journalism, communications Estimated Time This lesson will take approximately two class periods. Overview With…read more

Media Literacy

Mercury Emissions: “Cap and Trade” Game

Lesson Plan

By Jason McGraw, a high school science teacher Subjects Economics Time 1 to 2 class periods Lesson Objectives To develop an understanding of the role…read more


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