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August 10, 2012

Finding Purpose in Community Service

The Young World Foundation in Kansas City seeks to improve the lives of young people by involving them in the world of philanthropy and community service. They travel within their community and around the country to provide help to those in need.

When you talk to the teens at the Young World Foundation, they’ll all tell you that giving back to the community is why they do what they do. But that doesn’t mean they can’t get something out of it for themselves. The Foundation gives them the chance to travel to places they may have never had the chance to go before, and expand their horizons beyond their hometowns. It also provides a community of like-minded service-oriented kids.

NewsHour Extra talked with them about what they did at the Foundation, and what they enjoyed about serving their communities.



I am currently involved with the Ronald McDonald House of Kansas City, Missouri. This project consist of preparing meals for families of children who are ill. I am also apart of the Adopt-a-Highway project in which YWF landscapes and clears trash from the exits and entrances of the highway.

What I like most about working in my community is knowing I am making a difference. It’s most rewarding to see a change of any kind that benefits the community as a whole.

My favorite moment with Young World would have to be the previous project with the Ronald McDonald House of Orlando, Florida. Everyone was very gracious, energetic and merry. Their  interaction with the families was astounding. It was a delightful moment I will never forget.

Through my work in philanthropy and community service, I’ve learned the skill of preparing meals and effectively using gardening tools to complete yard work.



Young World does a lot of projects within the community including protecting nature, food service, fundraisers and many other helpful things that… are very beneficial.

I like helping, but doing it in different ways and learning from every experience. Working in the community not only shows that I care; it shows that anyone and everyone can do it, and it all starts by working together.

My favorite moment was helping out at the Ronald McDonald House in Florida. I learned about who the Ronald McDonald House was for, and why it was made. It was an excellent experience for me to help out, enjoy a good time working with my team and meet new people.

Through community service I learned that everything is about hard work. Even though I might not reach a goal I set, I’m going to keep on trying. You never know who you will meet. Listen to the tips and advice from other people that are going to help while doing other projects. And last but not least: commitment. Staying committed makes it easy and helpful to doing something thats very important to the community.



I am a part of an organization called the Young World Foundation…which is a nonprofit organization that does community service in Kansas City and goes out of state for community service as well.

I like the sense of accomplishment of working in my community… like as though I actually did something, and that I have something to show for it. Also, I like that people get to enjoy the work I have done as well as myself.

Something I think I have learned through philanthropy is being selfless. I’ve learned to put my preferences and comfort to the side in order to get whatever job done. And it just makes me happy when I do it.



Some of the projects I’m involved in at the moment are track, tutoring, community service and helping out others around my area such as my fellow neighbors. For example, when someone I know is moving I’ll volunteer help them move with no charge, or I might cut someone’s grass.

What I like most about working in my community is just to see people happy. I also have fun while doing it.  When I was a child my parents, grandparents, and even my church had community service events going on, so helping out in the community is like second nature.

My favorite moment from my time with Young World was going on our first trip to Orlando, Florida. It wasn’t my first time there, but we went to so many places like the beach, and everyone down there was polite.

Some of the things I’ve learned through philanthropy and my time doing community service were that no one should take anything for granted. You should value everything you have, even the little things.



The sort of projects that I am involved with are volunteering with children at my church. I do small church functions, and mainly just anything that is asked of me.

What I like most about working in my community is that I always get the opportunity to meet new people and be a part of the group to experience new things.

My favorite moment from my time with Young World was when we got to serve at the Ronald McDonald house in Orlando. I was excited being I was the first to share with a lady named Melanie about our purpose and the things we do. Also, I enjoyed just listening to her stories about her daughter and how she overcame each small struggle.

The skills I have learned through my work in philanthropy and community service are learning to work together in order to get things done. I have learned to appreciate things through the small challenges we have faced and although they may get a little more challenging, the previous projects have prepared me well for any upcoming events.



What I like about working in my community is the feeling of satisfaction… meaning I’ve had the chance to make someone’s day, and also enjoy it while I’m getting it done.

Skills that I learned through my work within the community service is being thankful that live was giving to not taken from me also some people life hadn’t been the same after I left my mark upon them. Meaning they have been bless by the hands of Shadine.

 Learn more about the Young World Foundation
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