One soldier’s life gives perspective to sacrifice of D-Day

Student Voice

“How do you give a eulogy for someone you never met?” I picked a Polish immigrant as my silent hero. He was a true stranger at first, but he had a story and I was going to find it. Continue reading

Chicago to India: Finding hope in Delhi’s slums

Student Voice

Chicago and the slums of India are similar. As you walk through each community, you see despair in both. But in India, I saw something I would have never thought was possible — I saw unity in poverty. Continue reading

Seeking safe space for LGBT students leads to passion for youth activism

Student Voice

Living in a small desert city with little-to-no access to LGBTQ resources, I felt alone and discouraged at times because of my inability to discuss my emotions with anyone who understood the struggles of being gay. Continue reading

“Change is coming to Baltimore”: youth debate the legacy of Freddie Gray

Student Voice

Some feel that our city was misrepresented by the media, and some feel that the riots are the only way Baltimore’s distress can be heard. The issues are still there, connecting and restricting us like an invisible thread. Continue reading

West Virginia students reveal how a chemical spill affected their community

Student Voice

Students at Richwood High School in West Virginia reported on the importance of water quality in their community and the far-reaching effects of the chemical spill. Continue reading

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