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May 18, 2013

Students Urge Public to “Wake Up” to Dangers of Global Warming

The Media Enterprise Alliance is a member of the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs program. The Labs are classrooms, after-school programs and clubs around the country producing original, inspiring reports about how national and global issues affect local communities.

Muse Video, a TV show and online platform within the Media Enterprise Alliance in Oakland, Calif., brings together the world of music and current events. The students recently created an animation to bring attention to the problem of global warming and encourage action.

You can view their animated short below, as well as a video and written reflections about their experience making it. 




We all know that global warming won’t go away overnight. It is only with a unified effort that we can begin to address the effects that global warming brings to our planet. But before we can unify, we need to educate. Once we are conscious of the situation, we can create a newer and better situation for ourselves. So although it is fun for us interns to animate and design and it helps us build skills, the sole purpose of this project is for us to spread knowledge to those who may not have access to this information.

This project specifically highlights the effects of global warming and what we can do as a whole to make a change. The audience for our project is everyone, but especially youth. It is important for the youth of today to learn about global warming not only because planet earth is our home but also because we literally are the future. We are going to grow and decide what is best for our society when we are leaders. Although it may sound cliche, it is very much true.


I was interested in this project because I feel that climate change is a huge issue that effects everyone. Most people don’t know the real effects of climate change, so I feel that this video will bring awareness to this global problem. People also have other responsibilities on their mind and do not think of ways they can help the planet in their daily life.

I have gained a lot of skills while working on the climate change video. For this project I have contributed by drawing illustrations and working on Adobe Illustrator. When working on Illustrator I had trouble using it at first, but I got the help that I needed and feel more familiar with how to work with the computers. I feel these skills will help me in the future, and now I will be able to move on and learn more about the skills I need for further projects.


For the last two-and-a-half months we have been working on a global warming project, and we finally finished it.  It’s an animation addressing many of the global problems that we face on a daily basis and the steps we can take in order to make sure that we stop perpetuating this horrible cycle of global warming. We created this by using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. Illustrator helped us create the basic shapes of everything we needed and After Effects helped animate it.

In the process of this project I learned that it not only takes time but patience in order to create a successful animation.  I learned how to create many things on Illustrator, one of my accomplishments was designing the room for the United Nations scene.

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