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April 23, 2013

Youth Speak Out on Energy Independence

After reading a NewsHour Extra article about how the United States will become energy independent, students from Dawson High School in Pearland, Texas, decided to write in with their opinions on the matter.


LillieLillie, age 17

Oil is an important nonrenewable resource that has a massive impact on the global economy, whether it’s for transporting food, energy, plastic, or even the gas in a consumer’s vehicle. According to the International Energy Agency, the United States will be able to rely on their own oil producers without any foreign imports in about twenty to thirty years.

Energy independence is an important goal for the U.S. to achieve, but not at the moment. Eventually, the prices of oil imports will rise, forcing the U.S. to become independent and stop importing products because of taxes. However, while the oil is still there, the U.S should keep importing and rely on its energy only when it is necessary.

As of now, the U.S. should continue to import, while at the same time investing in research to find a more efficient way to get energy in case the oil runs out. There are probably more efficient and effective ways to get energy without importing or causing too much pollution.

When the automobile revolution began, there was a great demand for oil. Pollution rose and spread into the air, and the price of oil just kept on rising. This had caused many important issues to arise regarding the environment, as well as tension with other countries. The government stepped in and tried to fix these issues with new strict policies. Laws were passed to make companies produce more efficient cars.

Maybe the U.S. need to become more energy independent. This will create fewer problems with foreign countries and the U.S. wouldn’t really have to deal with certain alliances. Maybe in the future, when more discoveries are made, and energy-efficient technology becomes more advanced, the U.S. can probably stop depending on other foreign countries and produce its own.

Loren, age 18Loren

I think that it is a very good idea for us as a country to become oil independent. If the U.S. would become oil independent we could provide more jobs for the work force and improve our economy. Our unemployment rate would go down as well as the amount of money we would be paying for the oil to be imported from overseas.

Now do I think the U.S. should suck all the possible oil from its own country? No, I think that the government should also start to invest in the production of more environmentally friendly sources of energy for a cheaper price. It is imperative that the U.S. starts to become a more environmentally friendly country. As a nation we should try our best to keep our air, water and environment in a good, stable and pollution-free condition. Yes, let us run on oil but also make policies and laws to have to make the process and the usage more environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, I think it a good idea and a change for the U.S. to provide its own oil, it will also help us to make a profit out of exporting to other countries. We shouldn’t get too carried away by all of this because we still need to try our hardest to apply policies to make our whole country “go green”, but with a plan and at a pace to hopefully make them rely more on renewable sources more than exploiting all of our own oil.

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