Perspectives from the Mall: The March on Washington 50 Years Later

Student Voice

Journalism students from Ithaca College came to Washington, D.C., to cover the events of the 50th anniversary of the landmark March on Washington. Throughout the day, they…read more

Fire 1

Firefighting Summer Camp Seeks Female Recruits

Student Voice

by Elizabeth Jones Fewer than four out of every 100 firefighters are women, according to national statistics, but Arlington County is making a strong effort…read more

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Student Documentary Looks at the Human Side of The Voting Rights Act

Student Voice

Students at McComb High School in McComb, Miss., recently came to Washington, D.C., to premiere a 10-minute documentary they made about their hometown and its…read more

Peaceful protesters in Istanbul's Gezi Park. Via Flickr user Ian Usher

Turkish People “Awakened” by Protests, Say Students

Student Voice

Demonstrations have now spread across Turkey for two straight weeks, with people of all walks of life protesting what they see as an increasingly autocratic…read more


Chicago Youth Challenge Images of Violence in Their Local News Cycle

Student Voice

The soaring crime rate in the city of Chicago has become national news, but are local news stations helping or hurting the problem with nonstop…read more

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