Why I Go to School: A Student Multimedia Project

Lesson Plan

Subject(s) Journalism, Art, English, Social Studies Estimated Time: 45 to 60 minutes Grade Level Grades 7-12 Objective Students will brainstorm why they go to school every…read more

Media Literacy

A Look at the History of Book Banning in America

Lesson Plan

By Thaisi DaSilva and Veronica DeVore, PBS NewsHour Subject(s) English, Language Arts Estimated Time One 45-minute class period Grade Level 7 – 12 Objective Students…read more

Arts & CultureEnglish & Language Arts

Too Much Government? Miller Center/ABC News Great American Debate

Lesson Plan

By Syd Golston, Phoenix Union High School District, Phoenix, Ariz. Subject(s) Civics, History, Economics, Speech and Debate Estimated Time Two days, including homework beforehand Grade…read more

Government & Civics

Slavery by the Numbers

Lesson Plan

By Thomas Thurston, Yale University Subjects U.S. History, Social Studies, Geography Estimated Time Two to three class periods Grade Level 9 – 12 Objective Students…read more

Government & Civicshistoryslavery

Patchwork Nation: Analysis of Minority Central

Lesson Plan

By Daniella K. Garran, Marston Mills, Mass. Subject(s) Social Studies, U.S. Government, U.S. History, Civics, Current Events Estimated Time: Three to four 45- or 60…read more

Government & CivicsSocial Issues

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