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One of the contestants playing against Watson answers his final jeopardy question, with a humorous touch.

Watson Wins: Computer Beats Human Trivia Champs


Scientists building computers that can simulate the workings of the human brain scored a major victory when their creation, Watson, beat the greatest “Jeopardy!” winners…read more

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Where to Lay the Tracks?


The Chicago metro area has more than 1,900 grade crossings, where regular roads cross train tracks, the most of any city in America. With the…read more


Cyber Attacks Carry Russia-Georgia Conflict Online


Cyber attacks are the topic of this video, which serves as an explainer of how technology can be used to target an opponent’s websites or…read more


Exploring Alternative Energy Sources

Lesson Plan

By Lisa Prososki, a former middle and high school teacher Subjects Secondary science, geography, and current events classes Estimated Time Three to four 50-minute class…read more


Individual Illegal Downloaders Next on Entertainment Industry Hit List


Reading and discussion questions The entertainment industry, led by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), plans to clamp down on file sharing and downloading…read more


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