3-D printing turns ideas into reality right before your eyes


In what might be the most important technological innovation since the home computer, 3-D printers now allows engineers, designers and scientists to turn their ideas into physical realities right before their eyes. Continue reading

With smart gadgets everywhere, tech companies face new privacy questions


With smart gadgets becoming a ubiquitous part of everyday life – embedded in cars, watches, glasses refrigerators and even thermostats – many fear the ways that private companies could misuse private customer data. Continue reading

Student Hackers Are Next Generation of Cyber-Security Experts


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Protecting the digital integrity of corporate and government computers is becoming a major industry, with businesses and government spending around $46 billion this…read more

Healthcare Web Site Plagued with Technical Bugs


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Since the Affordable Care Act’s online health care exchanges launched on October 1, the exchange website,, has been fraught with technical problems…read more

Summer Program Turns Teens into Tech Entrepreneurs


DOWNLOAD VIDEO As younger Americans fall behind their peers in other industrialized countries when it comes to math and technical skills, one summer program is…read more

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