Technology Offers Hope for Disabilities


When most people hear the words bionic arms and eLegs, images from science fiction novels or films might come to mind. But scientists are creating…read more

‘WikiSecrets’ Unravels the Mysteries of Bradley Manning


In May 2010, Bradley E. Manning, a United States Army private, was arrested in Iraq for allegedly stealing thousands of classified government documents and sharing…read more

Watson Wins: Computer Beats Human Trivia Champs


Scientists building computers that can simulate the workings of the human brain scored a major victory when their creation, Watson, beat the greatest “Jeopardy!” winners…read more

Where to Lay the Tracks?


The Chicago metro area has more than 1,900 grade crossings, where regular roads cross train tracks, the most of any city in America. With the…read more

Young Graduates of GM Program Hope for the Best


As part of an ongoing series about the nation’s young people, Generation Next correspondent Judy Woodruff talked to graduates of a General Motors training program…read more

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