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Montgomery police honor civil rights history in officer training


In Montgomery, Alabama, County Police Chief Kevin Murphy recognized that many of his younger police officers were not aware of the turbulent civil rights history of their city. Continue reading

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Who and How

The Civil Rights Movement: A Time for Change – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

The Civil Rights Movement did not begin suddenly in the 1960s, nor was it a short battle. To understand the enormity of the famous March on Washington, we compiled a timeline of major civil rights events in the 100 years leading up to August 20, 1963. Continue reading

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Selma March PBS 630

From Selma to Montgomery: An Introduction to the 1965 Marches – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Students will learn about the 1965 marches from Selma to Montgomery during the Civil Rights Movement. They will examine the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and watch clips from the movie Selma. Most importantly, students will think critically about sources of information. Continue reading

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Civil Rights Rally

The March on Washington and Its Impact – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Students will read Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech and explore themes such as the social conditions in the U.S. that led to the Civil Rights Movement. Continue reading

Black History Monthcivil rightsCivil Rights MovementMarch on WashingtonMartin Luther King Jr.Social IssuesSocial Studies

What is Discrimination? – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

This lesson on discrimination is designed for middle and high school students with intellectual disabilities. It is designed specifically for students who have difficulty with verbal and written expression. Continue reading

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