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Massachusetts Buried By Yet Another Blizzard

Record snowfalls and cold raise questions of climate change


An influx of winter storms has left Boston’s transportation systems crippled and its residents struggling to cope. Continue reading

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Mystery holes in Siberia raise climate change concerns


A new side effect of climate change has appeared in Siberia, where mysterious, giant holes the size of football fields have opened in the ground. Continue reading

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2012 Officially Warmest Year on Record


If you felt like you had to turn the air conditioner up extra high this past year, you weren’t just imagining things. According to a…read more

Officials say winds, low humidity and this year's chronic drought is the perfect recipe for the worst fire season in many years.

Hot Weather Sparks Deadly Wildfires


Hundreds of miles of forest are on fire in the American West, due to dry weather, the mild winter that left little snow and some…read more

Farmers and gardeners across the country are worried that if trees and plants flower too early, a freeze could kill the blossoms and, with them, the promise of blooms later in the year.

Mild Winter, Early Spring Bring Talk of Climate Change


Unusual plants are thriving, flowers are blooming early and the map of what plants can be grown where has been updated for the first time…read more


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