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Nepal earthquake destroys ancient temples, historic sites


More than 7,800 people lost their lives when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25. In addition to the destruction of homes and infrastructure, many ancient temples and historic sites were badly damaged or destroyed. Continue reading

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local villagers walk amid debris at a devastated area following Saturday's earthquake, at Asslang village, in Gorkha

What’s next for Nepal’s earthquake recovery?


Nepal is struggling to recover after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake left thousands dead and wiped out much of the country’s roads, bridges and buildings. Continue reading

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Nepal devastated by deadly earthquake


At least 3,700 people are dead and 6,500 injured after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday. Continue reading

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Scientists check residents near the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant for radiation. Four nuclear reactors at the plant were damaged by last week's massive earthquake and tsunami.

Nuclear Power Plant Failures in Japan Raise Safety Questions


Radiation leaks and fires at Japan’s nuclear reactors following a massive earthquake and tsunami have refueled the debate over whether nuclear power is a safe…read more

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Using Primary Documents: The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Lesson Plan

Background, Activities and Critical Analysis By Doug DuBrin, an English and history teacher as well as an editor and writer Estimated Time: 2-3 class periods,…read more


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