Virtual Realities To Help Gamers Create A Better Future


Click to download video Video games are one of the world’s fasting growing industries, now grossing about $80 billion a year in revenue, or roughly…read more

Artists Learn Business to Keep Their Dreams Afloat


Click to download video Click to download Lesson Plan Entrepreneurship may be the answer for the future of artists, dancers and musicians trying to make careers in a tough…read more

Job Market Toughest for Inner City Teens


Click to download video The Great Recession of 2008 robbed jobs from everyone, but the worst cuts have been to America’s youth. Last month, the…read more

Tough Economics for Musicians, Dancers and Artists


Click to download video With a new report showing that almost half of young college graduates now underemployed, the job market is tough for young…read more

Scientists Study the Negative Effects of Income Inequality


Click to download video Wealthy individuals are more likely to break traffic laws and cheat at games, according to a controversial new study from professors…read more

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