Micro-Apartments Hope to Ease Living Costs for Young City Residents


DOWNLOAD VIDEO In order to create affordable housing options for young people living by themselves, some big cities are loosening housing restrictions to allow for…read more

City OKs Radical Plan to Keep Families in Their Homes


DOWNLOAD VIDEO California homeowners were among the hardest hit in the nation in the 2007 housing crash. But in Richmond, Calif., where roughly half of…read more

Jobs Report Brings Mixed News on U.S. Economy


Download video Last week’s report on jobs and unemployment in the U.S. had, “a little bit of something for everyone,” said economist Lisa Lynch of…read more

Labor Day Lesson Plan: Unions Today

Lesson Plan

Created by Tina Yalen and Michael Magathan Repurposed by Katie Gould Subject Economics, government, civics Estimated Time Two 45 minute classes or one 90 minute…read more

Why It Might Be Hard to Get a Burger Today


Fast-food workers across the U.S. are striking as part of a larger campaign to demand higher wages for hourly jobs. Employees at popular food chains…read more

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