Ethiopian Villagers Fight for Natural Resources


In Ethiopia, the villagers who have farmed the same land for centuries are at odds with a government that wants to lease fertile farmland to…read more

Bad Economy Creates ‘Accordion Families’


Young people the world over are having a hard time finding steady work and making ends meet in the struggling economy, and as a result,…read more

What’s Germany’s Economic Secret to Success?


Amid the financial crisis that has plagued much of Europe since the global economic recession began in 2008, Germany has been the biggest success story.…read more

Better Teachers Result in More Successful Adults, Says New Study


A new study shows that replacing a bad teacher with an average or a good one can translate into a huge economic difference for students…read more

Colo. Students Learn Lessons in Finance


Retailers served up deep discounts and easy gift exchanges to lure shoppers back to the malls. But, in the state of Colorado, school-age children have…read more

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