Better Teachers Result in More Successful Adults, Says New Study


A new study shows that replacing a bad teacher with an average or a good one can translate into a huge economic difference for students…read more

Colo. Students Learn Lessons in Finance


Retailers served up deep discounts and easy gift exchanges to lure shoppers back to the malls. But, in the state of Colorado, school-age children have…read more

Holiday Shopping Trends Reflect Income Inequality


Every year, analysts look at holiday season retail spending to gauge how well the national economy is doing and how much money people have in…read more

Why Are Small Businesses Reluctant to Hire?


Small businesses have been at the center of the political debate of the American jobs crisis for a while, and many people wonder why they…read more

America’s Poorest City Struggles to Keep Kids in School


Reading, Pennsylvania, about an hour away from Philadelphia, has earned the unfortunate title of the “poorest city in America.” Once a major manufacturing town, most…read more

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