Recession Limits Choices For Students


In Pennsylvania’s Mifflin County, students got a brand new high school and the community was looking forward to offering them a first-class education in the…read more

A Day With ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters


Protests against corporate greed and a lack of jobs, dubbed “Occupy Wall Street,” are taking off in cities across the country. Protesters are calling themselves…read more

The Health Consequences of Inequality


When recession hit the U.S., many people who were once at the top of the economic ladder, with secure, well-paying jobs, lost those jobs and…read more

U.S. Poverty Rate Spikes in Latest Census


New U.S. census numbers show that the American poverty rate is at its highest since 1993, showing the fallout from years of high unemployment brought…read more

New Economic Numbers Give Mixed Signals


Economists and government officials are poring over a new set of job numbers that give mixed signals but generally show that the U.S. economy and…read more

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