Will Electric Cars Rule the Road?


At the dawn of the automobile era, electric cars outnumbered their gasoline powered counterparts. But that was short lived. Quickly the gasoline powered model-T stormed…read more

Anti-Government Unrest in Egypt Spread to Yemen


After a series of anti-government uprisings in Northern Africa and the Middle East, Yemen became the latest Arab country to be engulfed in protests. Thousands…read more

Currency Dispute With China Continues


One of the top issues on the agenda when Chinese President Hu Jintao visits Washington, D.C. this week will be the value of China’s currency…read more

Political Battle in Wisconsin Over Health Care


After the November mid-term elections, Republicans won sweeping victories across the country. In Wisconsin, Republicans took the governorship, the state Legislature, two U.S. congressional seats…read more

Denver Aims to End Homelessness


Denver’s Road Home project was founded in 2005 with a goal of ending homelessness in 10 years. Five years into their efforts, Amber Callender, the…read more

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