Returning Vets Face Tough Job Market


NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman examines some of the challenges facing military men and women when they return to civilian life after serving in battle.…read more

Violence Escalates in the Ivory Coast


In the West African nation of Ivory Coast a civil war is brewing after democratic elections in November 2010 declared Alassane Ouattara the new President.…read more

Micro-Lending Poses Challenges in India


Micro-lending, or giving small loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, has become a worldwide trend in recent years and has largely been linked to positive…read more

NCAA ‘March Madness’ Final Four is Surprising


For college basketball fans, March Madness 2011 has truly been chaotic. Going into the Final Four competition this Saturday in Houston, 11 seed Virginia Commonwealth…read more

As Economy Grows, Most Americans Still Struggle


NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman reports on the on the widening gap amongst many Americans despite signs that the economy is improving. While the stock…read more

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