Obama Visits India to Balance Jobs, Security


The first leg of President Obama’s 10-day tour of Asia began with a three day visit to India. Fresh off a midterm election in which…read more

Schools Challenged by Homeless Students


Homeless kids face many challenges, including where to go to school when their family continues to move from place to place. One school in Seattle…read more

Israelis and Palestinians Build Bridges Through Business


Instead of buying its ingredients from European countries, a small factory in Israel that makes condiments and deli spreads has chosen to purchase its tomatoes,…read more

Young Yemenis Chafe Against Drug Culture


In the Middle Eastern country of Yemen, it’s not unusual to see men sitting in circles, talking about family affairs and politics, enjoying each others’…read more

Students Learn to Negotiate


Negotiating a deal is not a talent that you either have or don’t have. It is a skill that can be learned, according to Robert…read more

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