China’s Growing Influence on Greek Economy


The the Mediterranean country of Greece is placing a serious emphasis on foreign investors–especially from China. In this video, NewHour economics correspondent, Paul Solman, reports…read more

With Well Capped, Will Cleanup Efforts Disappear?


Many in the Gulf Coast believe that when the cameras leave, so to will the government and BP’s clean up efforts. The skepticism amongst the…read more

Greek Citizens Angered by Debt Control Measures


The European country of Greece has faced serious debt problems recently because it borrowed too much money during prosperous economic times and is now having…read more

Benefit vs. Deficit: The Jobless Benefits Debate


Senate Republicans and Democrats are locked in a fierce battle over whether to, once again, pass a bill to extend jobless benefits to millions of…read more

Movies, Music Affected by Private Equity Woes


Private equity, or money invested in companies that are not part of the stock exchange, is a popular way for big investment firms to make…read more

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