On the Tunisian Border, Preparations Begin for Gadhafi’s Fall


John Ray of Independent Television News reports from neighboring Tunisia on the humanitarian and medical workers preparation for the end of Moamamar Gadhafi’s 42-year reign…read more

PBS’ Frontline Examines Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood


Charles Sennott reported for PBS’ Frontline about the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s revolution and the influence they could hold in a post-Mubarak…read more

Wisconsin Public Worker Protests Intensify


In order to decrease a multibillion dollar budget deficit in Wisconsin, the newly appointed Republican Gov. Scott Walker has introduced a plan that would cut…read more

Social Media’s Role in Egyptian, Arab World Protests


As Egypt’s mass protest achieved its main goal of ousting President Hosni Mubarak from power, labor unrest set off a new wave of smaller protest…read more

Will Electric Cars Rule the Road?


At the dawn of the automobile era, electric cars outnumbered their gasoline powered counterparts. But that was short lived. Quickly the gasoline powered model-T stormed…read more

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