What does Goldman Sachs Do?


Goldman Sachs, or Goldmine Sachs, as some call it, reported a record $13.4 billion dollar profit last year. But just how is that money made?…read more

Are Big Banks Good for the Economy?


The Obama administration is trying to rein in the activities of big banks and corporations that engaged in the risky trading that helped bring about…read more

Obama’s New Budget Raises Eyebrows


President Obama proposed a record $3.8 trillion budget this week, which would increase spending for education and increase taxes on the wealthy but would also…read more

State of the Union


Declaring “I don’t quit,” President Obama addressed a range of issues, including the economy, foreign policy and health care, during his State of the Union…read more

Making Sense of the Real Estate Market


As part of his ongoing series on Making Sense of the economy, NewsHour correspondent Paul Solman tours real estate in Atlanta, Ga., talking to experts…read more

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