What Issues Drove Brown’s Surprise Victory?


Senator-elect Scott Brown led the Republican Party to a surprise victory in Massachusetts this week, dealing a devastating blow to President Obama and the Democrat’s…read more

The Decade in Politics


From the divisive presidential election of 2000 to today’s debate over health care reform, NewsHour correspondent Gwen Ifill and political analysts look back at the…read more

Plan to Beat Poverty With Cash for Choices


A pioneering program in Mexico is trying to fight poverty by giving small stipends of cash directly to poor mothers. The program, Oppertunidades or “Opportunities”…read more

Economists Rap About Keynes


The ideas of British economist John Maynard Keynes, born 1883, have come back into vogue thanks to the financial crisis and the stimulus spending based…read more

Rare Earth Minerals Necessary For Green Future


As world leaders attempt to hammer out a deal about permanent reductions in green house gasses, far away in China, workers toil to process “rare…read more

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