The Case for a College Education


Does the U.S. need more college graduates in its work force to remain competitive in today’s global economy? Education experts recently debated that question at…read more

House Members Rally as Health Care Vote Nears


Members of the House of Representatives are preparing for a major vote on health care reform, and Democrats are working to collect the votes they…read more

Budget Woes Close Some Kansas City Schools


In a dramatic 5-4 vote this week, the Kansas City School Board decided to close almost half of the district’s 61 schools. Aiming to stave…read more

Is America on the wane?


As part of a continuing series on making sense of today’s economic news, NewsHour correspondent Paul Solman talks to Yale historian Paul Kennedy about the…read more

Colorado Budget Cuts Endanger Homeless


In this video report, NewsHour correspondent Tom Bearden reports from Colorado on how the state’s $2 billion budget deficit will impact it’s homeless population. The…read more

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