Cities Hit Hard by Recession


In this part of a series examining communities across the country, NewsHour correspondent Ray Suarez reports how the city of Philadelphia is coping through the…read more

States Vie For School Stimulus Funds


The president’s federal stimulus package included $4.3 billion in funding for America’s public schools and according to a new report, most states plan to apply…read more

Australia Farmers on Frontline of Climate Change


An eight-year drought in southeastern Australia is endangering the livelihood of farmers who depend on water to grow staple crops that help feed people around…read more

Fear Drives Modern-day Gold Rush


As part of his series Making Sense of the financial crisis, NewsHour correspondent Paul Solman looks at how the weakness of the U.S. dollar has…read more

Military Focuses on Financial Literacy


Congress in now considering ways to educate Americans to manage their budgets, credit cards and debt so that the mistakes that led to this current…read more

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