Is America on the wane?


As part of a continuing series on making sense of today’s economic news, NewsHour correspondent Paul Solman talks to Yale historian Paul Kennedy about the…read more

Colorado Budget Cuts Endanger Homeless


In this video report, NewsHour correspondent Tom Bearden reports from Colorado on how the state’s $2 billion budget deficit will impact it’s homeless population. The…read more

Web Tools Take Education to New Limits


Thirty-three-year-old Salman Khan is not your average hedge fund analyst. In fact, he recently quit his job to devote himself to an unpaid job teaching…read more

Dalai Lama Visit Strains US-China Relations


The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, visited with President Obama Thursday, in a low key meeting at the White House. This was the…read more

Obama Touts Stimulus Success Despite Public Doubts


President Barack Obama declared that stimulus legislation passed last year continues to create jobs, even though many Americans doubt that the economy is recovering. Twelve…read more

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