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Alabama Highway System Raises Spending Concerns


As part of NewsHour’s ongoing “Blueprint America” series, produced in collaboration with WNET-New York, special correspondent Rick Karr, looks at an Alabama highway system currently…read more


Health Care Heats Up in August


As members of Congress begin their summer recess, some are hitting the road to find out what constituents think of the health care reform bills…read more

DemocratsEconomicshealth care

Congress Extends Popular Car Rebate Program


The U.S. Senate voted Thursday to give $2 billion more to the government’s popular “cash for clunkers” program, which offers car owners cash back for…read more

CarEconomicsgasgas mileageGovernmentSenate

Congress Weighs New Tax on Health Benefits


In an effort to find new ways to fund health care form, Congress is considering taxing the most expensive employer-provided health plans, sometimes called “Cadillac”…read more

CongressEconomicshealth insurance

How Transparent Should the Fed Be?


In the the wake of the Wall Street financial crisis in which many banks collapsed or received bailout money, some Americans have criticized America’s central…read more

EconomicsFederal ReserveFinancial crisisGovernmentmarketWall Street

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