Stimulus Dollars Helping Schools


In this report from Learning Matters television, correspondent John Tulenko reports on the education programs in Rochester City public schools that have received federal stimulus…read more

800 Years of Financial Crises


One year since the onset of the financial crisis, some signs of recovery have already taken hold. But is this financial meltdown really any different…read more

Turning Pond Scum into Fuel


The Solix Biofuels Company out in the Colorado Desert is one of about 200 companies trying to find a way to make biofuels out of…read more

Deep Dive into the Foreclosure Crisis


Currently the U.S. foreclosure crisis shows no sign of abating because while foreclosure filings fell last month, they still remain near a record high, according…read more

Political Gridlock Slows Bridge Repairs


In this video, NewsHour Science Unit correspondent Spencer Michels looks how politics can get in the way of fixing important infrastructure problems. He reports from…read more

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