Rich Nigeria Can’t Feed Itself


Nigeria’s 140 million people face starvation because of high prices and the lack of food and water. According to the United Nations, a third of…read more

EconomicsFarmershungerNigeriapovertySocial IssuesUnited Nations

Can We Claw Back CEO Bonuses?


The top five investment banks in the five years leading up to the current financial crisis awarded $145 billion in perks and bonuses for their…read more

BankEconomicsinvestmentinvestment firm

More Children Becoming Homeless


As the nation continues to face economic problems and more families lose their homes, many schools must cope with a growing number of homeless children.…read more


Some Share Pain of Bad Economy


As more Americans continue to lose their jobs – more than 600,000 in March – some companies are giving their employees the option of shared…read more

EconomicseconomyElkhartIndianajoblaid offlayoffRecession

Working Hard for Little Money


In this video, NewsHour correspondent Spencer Michels reports from Antioch, California, where a growing number of people are barely making a living whether or not…read more

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