More Children Becoming Homeless


As the nation continues to face economic problems and more families lose their homes, many schools must cope with a growing number of homeless children.…read more


Some Share Pain of Bad Economy


As more Americans continue to lose their jobs – more than 600,000 in March – some companies are giving their employees the option of shared…read more

EconomicseconomyElkhartIndianajoblaid offlayoffRecession

Working Hard for Little Money


In this video, NewsHour correspondent Spencer Michels reports from Antioch, California, where a growing number of people are barely making a living whether or not…read more

Economicsjobmiddle classOpportunity JunctionpoorRecessionrichstereotypes

The Day Wall Street Exploded


As the American economy continues to falter, anger against Wall Street and the bankers who contributed to the catastrophe is growing. But in 1920 America,…read more

bombingcapitalismEconomicsGreat DepressionWall Street

Student Video About Local Economic Problems Prompts Obama School Visit


President Obama recently visited the Village Academy High School in Pomona, Calif., after watching a video students made as part of an English class. In…read more

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