Where Does All The Bailout and Stimulus Money Come From?


During the present financial crisis, everyone has heard about the trillions of dollars the federal government is spending to help fix the economy. In this…read more

AIG Controversy Heats Up Washington


President Barack Obama and members of Congress expressed outrage yesterday after the struggling insurance company AIG revealed that it had spent $165 million in bonuses…read more

Obama on the Economy, Stem Cells


With the economy is such a fragile state, President Barack Obama must walk the fine line between inspiring optimism and fostering realistic expectations for the…read more

Wall Street Swindler Pleads Guilty


Investment fund manager Bernard Madoff pleaded guilty Thursday to the largest fraud in American history and was sent to prison for running a ponzi scheme…read more

America’s Buses and Trains Face Budget Cuts


Americans are using public transportation in huge numbers, but the cost of maintaining public bus and rail systems is making it difficult to keep up…read more

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