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Health Care Reform Battle Begins


President Obama visited Green Bay, Wisconsin this week to discuss the need for comprehensive health care reform to fix the nation’s inefficient and expensive system.…read more

DemocratsdoctorEconomicsGreen Bayhealth careInsurance CompanyPresident ObamaRepublicansWisconsin

Young Graduates of GM Program Hope for the Best


As part of an ongoing series about the nation’s young people, Generation Next correspondent Judy Woodruff talked to graduates of a General Motors training program…read more

DetroitEconomicsengineeringGeneral MotorsGMjob marketlayoffTechnology

GM Bankruptcy Changes Lives


NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman is in Detroit, talking to a variety of General Motors company stakeholders about how they view General Motors’ recent bankruptcy…read more

AutoworkerBankruptcyCarDetroitEconomicseconomyGeneral MotorsGM

Stimulus Money Helps Community Health Centers


Community health centers, like the Lorain County Health and Dentistry, were created in the 1960s as part of President Johnson’s war on poverty. They are…read more

EconomicseconomyHealthhealth carepoorpovertyPresident Barack ObamasickSocial Issuesstimulus packagewar

Economist Studies Why People Cheat


Is cheating wrong? Are some types of cheating worse than others? In this segment, NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman talks to a behavioral economist who…read more


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