NewsHour Interview: President Obama


Following the announcement of his plans to withdraw U.S. soldiers from Iraq by 2010, President Barack Obama sat down with Jim Lehrer to talk about…read more

Obama’s New Budget Shows His Priorities


White House Budget Director Peter Orszag personally delivered the Obama administration’s new budget to the U.S. Capitol yesterday. At 134 pages it is still only…read more

Treasury Secretary Addresses Economy


There are over 9,000 banks in the United States. Some are doing fine in this economic crisis, some are not. Over the next few weeks,…read more

Finding Positives in Bad Economy


While the economic news is definitely dismal, there are a few groups benefiting from the current recession. In this report, economics correspondent Paul Solman talks…read more

Can ‘Savings Man’ Save the Economy?


While the government is encouraging Americans to spend more money as a way to lift the economy out of the recession, TV ads featuring the…read more

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