Economic Breakdown Cripples U.S. Port


The economic slowdown has paralyzed the otherwise busy port of Long Beach, California, where billions of dollars worth of imports and exports used to flow…read more

Obama Asks Bankers to Act Responsibly


President Obama lashed out at Wall Street over reports that bank executives collected more than $18 billion in bonuses last year, while some of their…read more

Is Corn Ethanol Good or Bad?


While some politicians and environmentalists believe that “biofuels” like corn ethanol could lower America’s dependence on foreign oil, others argue that ethanol actually costs energy…read more

High Tech Takes Hard Hits


As the economy continues to fumble, once infallible high tech firms are also proving they are affected by the market. This week Microsoft and Intel…read more

When Is This Recession Going to End?


Next month, next year, next decade? Americans are anxiously asking when the economic downturn with its job losses and bad news is going to end.…read more

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