Economy Experts Discuss Global Crisis


As the financial crisis that started in the U.S. housing market extends into a global credit crisis, experts on economics discussed the worsening situation with…read more

BankEconomicsFinancial crisisStock MarketWorld

Silicon Valley Tries to Weather the Economic Storm


While global financial markets are dropping and most business is slowing in the United States, many in optimistic Silicon Valley are still not very worried.…read more

EconomicsSilicon ValleyVenture Capitalism

Congress Votes Yes on Financial Bailout, But Economy Worsens


A $700 billion financial rescue plan won final approval in Congress Friday when the U.S. House approved a revised version of a bill it rejected…read more

CongressEconomic PolicyEconomicseconomyFinancial Bailoutfinancial rescue planGovernmentLabor Departmentlaw

Palin and Biden Square Off in Vice Presidential Debate


Opinions of the one and only vice presidential debate in the 2008 election depended on who the viewer supported going into the contest. Most agreed…read more

2008 ElectionEconomicsJoe BidenSarah PalinVice Presidential Debate

In Key Election State, Housing and Job Concerns Rule


Judy Woodruff talks to voters in Florida about their economic worries and how it is affecting their voting choices. Young voters are concerned about finding…read more

Battleground stateEconomicsFloridaGround ZeroHousing CrisisPresidential Elections

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