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Low Spending Hurts Holiday Shopping Season


Consumer spending is at an all time low in the United States; this means less money is put into the economy and less money spread…read more

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Public Universities Turning Students Away


Public university systems are straining to meet demand as more students are looking for an affordable education during tough economic times. With states cutting funding…read more

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College Costs Rising at Unprecedented Rate


NewsHour education correspondent John Merrow explores the high cost of higher education and its toll on students in this report. Sixty percent of students at…read more

College EducationdebtEconomic CrisisEconomicseducationloansSocial Issuesstudent loansuniversity

Food Banks Running Low During Recession


As the American economy enters the second year of a recession, some of the institutions designed to help needy people are struggling with increased demand.…read more

DenverEconomicsFood BanksRecession

Ford CEO Makes His Case


The heads of America’s three largest car makers – General Motors, Ford and Chrysler- are in Washington, D.C., to ask the federal government for billions…read more

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