Kirk's red colobus (Procolobus pennantii kirkii); Zanzibar, Tanzania

New study predicts major extinction event in Earth’s near future


Scientists and researchers believe that planet Earth is on the brink of a major extinction event, according to the latest research published in this week’s edition of the journal Science. Continue reading

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Ice sheet in Antarctica has melted past ‘point of no return,’ NASA says


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Scientists have long been warning of the risks posed by melting ice sheets, but a new NASA study provides the most definitive information…read more

Storm Systems Brings Severe Flooding To Pensacola

New government report warns of imminent danger caused by climate change


DOWNLOAD VIDEO Stronger storms in the Northeast, wildfires and drought in the Southwest and rising dangers from more powerful hurricanes in the Southeast — that’s…read more

Solar plane

Swiss aviators unveil solar-powered airplane


DOWNLOAD VIDEO After 12 years of research and testing, two Swiss aviators recently unveiled the Solar Impulse-2, a huge airplane that runs on solar-power. It’s wingspan…read more


New U.N. report warns of dire climate change effects


DOWNLOAD VIDEO A new U.N. report on climate change is full of serious warnings and unhappy predictions of what’s to come. The report was written…read more


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