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“Inspire, Inform, Act” resources


It’s great when students want to personally get involved and make a difference in the environment or other important issues, but sometimes they need a…read more

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Coping with exceptional ice on the Great Lakes


The brutally cold winter has taken its toll on the surface of the Great Lakes, causing record ice coverage and obstructing major shipping routes. Continue reading


Starfish dying in real life horror movie


Starfish up and down the Pacific Coast are dying from a mysterious epidemic that causes the creatures’ arms to crawl in opposite directions until they tear away from the body causing the insides to spill out. Continue reading

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President Obama tackles climate change and education in 2014 State of the Union address


In his annual speech before both chambers of Congress last night, President Barack Obama challenged the country to address climate change, pledging to develop the natural gas and solar power industries. Continue reading

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Disaster Areas Declared After Tornadoes Rip Through Midwest


DOWNLOAD VIDEO An outbreak of tornadoes blasted the Midwest over the weekend, leaving at least eight people dead and leveling entire neighborhoods. The most powerful…read more


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