Mideast Peace Talks Complicated by Tensions


DOWNLOAD VIDEO New efforts to reach a negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinians have hit a stumbling block before they have really begun. In…read more


Syrian Refugees Face Harsh Conditions


Click to download video As the death toll from the conflict in Syria continues to climb, many Syrians attempting to flee the violence are stuck…read more

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North Korea Threatens Warfare


Click to download video Tensions rose in the Pacific last week, as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a plan to put strategic rockets…read more


10th Anniversary of the Iraq Invasion


Click here to download this video Teachers: this video contains a 4-minute story followed by a discussion March 20, 2013 marked the 10th anniversary of…read more


Schooling Suffers on Palm Oil Plantations


Click here to download video The rising global demand for palm oil has made it Malaysia’s most profitable crop, bringing in $25 billion dollars a…read more

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