New Congress Sets Many Firsts


Click to download video The 113th Congress was sworn into office on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013, just two days after the previous Congress finished a…read more


Sen. Inouye Remembered for His Courage and Service


Click to download video Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye passed away this week after spending nearly 50 years in the Senate. His colleagues, his constituents and…read more

Balance of Power Maintained After Election


During Tuesday’s election, voters were not only choosing the next president of the United States, but also selecting their state representatives and voicing their opinions…read more

In 1976, a Political Ad too Emotional to Air


Political campaign advertisements have played non-stop on our televisions, surfaced on every website we visit and planted themselves in front lawns throughout America. Although we…read more

What’s Happening on the Campaign Trail?


Teachers, use the first 4:40 for a classroom activity. This week, President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Governor Mitt Romney are sharpening their messages…read more

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