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Unmanned drones like this MQ-1 Predator can be flown anywhere in the world by pilots sitting behind their desks in the U.S.

Leaked Memo Justifies Killing Americans with Drones


A secret Justice Department document revealed this week outlines legal arguments for using drone aircraft to target and kill American citizens living abroad who are…read more


Secretary of State Clinton’s Lasting Legacy


Click here to download video Teachers: this video contains an approx. 3:30 minute story followed by a discussion. The secretary of state is America’s diplomat-in-chief,…read more


Congress Moves on Immigration Reform


Click here to download video Teachers: this video contains an approx. 3-minute story followed by a 9-minute discussion. Senators from both sides of the aisle…read more


Women “Entitled to a Chance” at Combat Roles


Teachers: This video contains a 3 minute story followed by a 9 minute discussion between Gwen Ifill and two members of the armed services. U.S. Secretary…read more

U.S. Navy, Lt. j.g. Luke Leveque pins the submarine officer warfare device on his wife, Lt. j.g. Marquette Leveque, who in December 2012 became one of the first three women to qualify as an unrestricted line officer in a submarine.

Military to Lift Ban on Women in Combat Roles


The United States military announced plans this week to allow women to fight on the front lines and hold combat roles previously reserved for men. The new…read more

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