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What is sequestration? – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Subject(s): Economics, U.S. Estimated Time: One 45-minute class period Grade Level: 10-12th Objective: Students Will: Learn the definition of sequestration. Learn about government budgets, spending…read more


Sequestration Is Happening, But Effects Are Unclear


Related Lesson Plan: What is Sequestration? The government in Washington is about to go into “sequestration,” a series of automatic budget cuts that will affect…read more


What can you do for your country? – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Subject(s) Social Studies, Government, History Estimated Time Three class periods Grade Level 7th-12th Objective This lesson plan poses the question, “Should America have required military…read more


What is the role of civil disobedience today? – Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

By Doug DuBrin, an English and history teacher, as well as an editor and writer Subject(s) Social Studies, Civics Estimated Time: Two to three class…read more


Senate Hears Appeal for Immigration Reform


Click here to download video Teachers: this video contains an approx. 5:30 minute story followed by a discussion. “Our immigration system is not just broken;…read more

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