Obama Pledges Support, Endorses Border Demand


Israelis and Palestinians continue to fight over what land belongs to whom, an issue that President Obama addressed in his speech aimed at tensions in…read more

Space Explorers Keep Contact With Social Media


Crew members on the Space Shuttle Endeavor’s last mission answered the public’s questions in a unique video conference led by NewsHour science correspondent Miles O’Brien.…read more

Freedom Rides Remembered 50 Years Later


The year was 1961. For seven months, hundreds of Americans, both black and white, got on buses and risked their lives for change. As a…read more

Immigrants Question Consequences of Planned Prison


With the unemployment rate in California at a staggering 12 percent, the prospect of a new government prison offers new jobs and economic prosperity for…read more

President Obama Decides Against bin Laden Photo Release


Following President Obama’s announcement that Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces, the next question from the media and from any Americans was:…read more

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