Tears and Fear Spread in North Korea


Images on television have shown North Koreans in a constant state of mourning since their ‘Dear Leader,’ Kim Jong-Il, passed away of a heart attack.…read more

Elizabeth and Hazel: two women of Little Rock


The ‘Little Rock Nine’ famously de-segregated Little Rock High School in Arkansas in 1957. A new book tells the story of one of those nine…read more

Language Immersion Programs Gaining Popularity


The state of Louisiana has a rich cultural history that goes back to the first French explorers who settled the land and spread their language…read more

Egypt, Congo Hold Crucial Elections


Groundbreaking elections are being held in two African countries: Egypt and Congo. In Egypt, crowds stood in line for hours to cast votes for a…read more

Egyptian Revolution Part II


Egyptians have already achieved one remarkable revolution this year. Now they’re going for the double. Thousands of people have been protesting daily in Tahrir Square,…read more

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