‘Dropout Factories’ Fight to Raise Graduation Rates


Even though many New York City high schools have fought to increase the number of graduates, they continue to be labeled “dropout factories.” Coined by…read more

Egyptian Leader Stands Trial in Cage


Former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted after weeks of protest earlier this year, stood trial today for allegedly ordering violence against protesters. The…read more

Shuttle Era Ends with Atlantis Launch


NASA’s final space shuttle launch took place on Friday, July 8, destined for the International Space Station with four crew members on board. The launch…read more

Americans Across the Globe Celebrate Independence Day


Americans across the country and around the world celebrated the country’s Independence Day yesterday with parades, fireworks and ceremonies meant to mark the nation’s 235th…read more

New Graphic Anti-Smoking Warnings


Beginning in September 2012, U.S. cigarette packs will display graphic images showing the gruesome health consequences of smoking. The Food and Drug Administration released nine…read more

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