The Great Gatsby Curve

Lesson Plan

By Katie Gould, Teacher Resource Producer for NewsHour Extra Subjects Economics, Government, Social Issues Estimated time One hour and 30 minutes Grade level 7-12 Pre-Lesson…read more

EconomicsGovernment & CivicsSocial Issues
Lesson Plan: Constitution Day: The 1965 Alabama Literacy Test

Constitution Day: The 1965 Alabama Literacy Test

Lesson Plan

By Syd Golston Subjects Civics, Social Studies, American History Estimated Time One Class Period (45 minutes) Grade Level 9 – 12 Objective Students will: take…read more

Government & CivicsSocial
Lesson Plan: Constitutional Amendments and Gay Marriage

Constitutional Amendments and Gay Marriage

Lesson Plan

By Doug DuBrin, English and History teacher Subject Social Studies Estimated Time One to two class periods, plus extended activities Grade Level 9 – 12…read more

Government & Civics

Watergate Lesson Plan – The Limits of Presidential Power

Lesson Plan

By Stephanie Schragger  May 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of the nationally televised Senate committee hearings about the break-in at the Democratic National Committee offices…read more

Government & Civics

What is Sequestration?

Lesson Plan

Subject(s): Economics, U.S. Estimated Time: One 45-minute class period Grade Level: 10-12th Objective: Students Will: Learn the definition of sequestration. Learn about government budgets, spending…read more

EconomicsGovernment & CivicsU.S.

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