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How one elementary school recovered from a shooting


Four years later, an elementary school in San Diego, CA is still grappling with the effects of a shooting that rocked the community. Continue reading


How have gun laws changed since Sandy Hook?


Since Sandy Hook, Connecticut has enacted tougher gun laws while grappling with how to prevent future shootings. Continue reading


Key issues to watch in the midterm election


Along with determining the members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate, the midterm elections will decide a number of important local policy issues around the nation. Continue reading


Gun Violence as a Public Health Crisis in Chicago


Click here to download the video The city of Chicago is home to one of the highest gun violence rates of any U.S. city, and…read more

U.S. Guns Fuel Mexico Drug Violence


Just over the U.S border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, a dozen more people were killed this weekend continuing a disturbing trend. Last year there were…read more


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